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Loans & Lines of Credit

Looking for someone to lend a helping hand? Our Meridian financial advisors are always willing to discuss with our Members which loan or line of credit can work for them. Everyone needs help from time to time - whether you’re planning to buy a car, renovate your home, finance a trip or top up your RRSPs. At Meridian, we make borrowing affordable with flexible repayment plans and low borrowing rates. So when you need money in a pinch or for a long-term goal, Meridian has your back.

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If you’re looking to establish credit, consolidate debts or want to know how much you’ll pay every month – choose a Meridian loan.

  • Blended repayment available (interest plus principal) to help pay down the loan fast and securely
  • Choose a payment schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • Fixed interest rate

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Lines of Credit

Looking to borrow with a sense of flexibility or want to fund multiple purchases? A Meridian line of credit could be right for you.

  • Comfortable with a variable interest rate that fluctuates with prime
  • Alternative to credit cards, with much cheaper rates
  • Revolving – as you pay your balance, the money you pay back can be used again
  • You only need to apply once
  • Repayments can be as low as the monthly interest and if you don’t use it, you don’t pay
  • Access your line of credit anytime, anywhere (online, ABM, in-branch or telephone banking)

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There are four lines of credit to choose from:

Secured: Use your assets (the equity in your home or cottage, deposits held at Meridian, or mutual funds) for a secured line of credit and take advantage of a lower rate than an unsecured line of credit. Secured credit lines often have higher limits, as the credit line is tied to the value of your assets.

Unsecured: An unsecured credit line is available whenever you need it and can help manage unforeseen expenses or fill a gap when money is tight. Limits can be as high as $50,000.

Student: For a college or university education, help cover your living or education costs (in Canada or abroad) with this credit line. While you’re in school, you only pay interest.

RRSP: Need help making your RRSP contributions? An RRSP line of credit helps you save for your retirement by providing you with access to funds to make your annual contribution and allows you to pay your balance down as quickly as you want. You can even use your tax return to help pay down the balance faster!

Want to open a loan or line of credit? Come talk to us in-branch or contact us by phone or email

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Estimate your ongoing loan payments

How can much can you afford to borrow? What payment strategy works best for you? Use our Mortgage and Loan Calculator to compare scenarios and better understand your payment options.

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Peace of mind for when the unexpected happens

Taking on a loan or line of credit is a big financial commitment. Meridian offers creditor insurance for loans and lines of credit just in case the unexpected happens. With creditor insurance, you can feel secure knowing that you are protected. In case of loss, illness, or disability – your payments will always be made.

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